Welcome to CNS Summit 2019

The CNS Summit is committed to collaboration among all stakeholders, with the objective of advancing drug development. It is in this spirit of collaboration that we encourage all CNS Summit attendees to actively participate on the Platform with Collaborative Groups and in the Networking meetings.

Log on to the Platform to:

  • Create and maintain a profile that introduces you to other attendees.
  • Access the GROUPS section of the platform, where you can collaborate with your workgroup on your initiatives.
  • See who is participating at the CNS Summit and view their profiles.
  • Stay in touch with your colleagues via messaging with other CNS Summit participants.
  • Arrange up to 12 networking meetings with CNS Summit participants with whom you would like to meet prior to arriving at the CNS Summit.

The CNS Summit Platform is open and available year-round. Connect, collaborate, accomplish.

Access to the CNS Summit Platform is complimentary for registered conference participants.

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