Session Details

Oral Abstracts Session 3
Sunday, September 15, 2019 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM 
Ballroom A
Chair: Karen Nichols, Esq., Magenta Therapeutics, USA

Abstract Presentations:

Daniel Tremmel – Reconstructing the in vivo Niche for Islet Culture and Transplantation (Abstract 13)

Sarah Rempel – Human Stem Cell-Derived Photoreceptors Generate Axons Through Non–Cell Autonomous Pulling (Abstract 14)

Christopher Lazarski – Designing a High Throughput Multi-Parameter Assay for Process Development of Antigen Specific T-Cell Therapy Products (Abstract 15)

Kevin Bosse – FDA-Regulated Research: Cellular Therapy Considerations (Abstract 16)

Allan Dietz – The Mayo Clinic Cell Therapy Fellowship: Training the Next Generation of Cell Therapy Leaders (Abstract 17)

Timothy Catlett – Abnormal axon guidance of human neurons in a model of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex is due to mTOR-independent defects in RhoA signaling. (Abstract 18)

Kevin Bosse PhD
Regulatory Operations Manager
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Timothy Catlett BSc
Research Assistant
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Allan Dietz PhD
Mayo Clinic

Sarah Rempel BA
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Daniel Tremmel BSc
Research Assistant (PhD Candidate)
University of Wisconsin-Madison