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Breaking Bottlenecks - The Training, Development, and Staffing Challenge (Corporate Symposium Hosted by ISCT ESP Committee & CellCAN)
Friday, September 13, 2019 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Plenary Hall
Breaking Bottlenecks - The Training, Development, and Staffing Challenge

Lack of highly qualified personnel (HQP) is repeatedly cited as a bottleneck hindering the growth of the cell and gene therapy industry. In 2018, the ISCT Early Stage Professionals (ESP) Committee conducted a Job Market survey of early stage professionals (those within 10 years of their terminal degree) with the goal of gathering information from trainees on their experience entering the cell and gene therapy workforce. The ESP Committee has partnered with CellCAN to broaden the scope of the survey and gather and disseminate data on the training gaps identified by both employers and employees across academia and industry.

Join ISCT and CellCAN for an interactive session featuring live polling, Q&A with expert panelists, and a robust discussion on how the ecosystem can collaborate to address the training challenges holding back the field of cell and gene therapy.

Stay tuned post-conference for the official launch of the second iteration, the Job Market & HQP Training Survey and share your insights on how ISCT and partners can support the growing demand for cell and gene therapy training.

Emily Hopewell, PhD, ISCT ESP Committee Member, ISCT Global Treasurer, Director of Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing, Indiana University School of Medicine, USA

Craig Hasilo, MSc, PhD(C), Chief Scientific Officer, CellCAN, Canada

Erika Trauzzi, PhD, MBA, VP Marketing & Cell Therapy Strategy, Berkeley Lights, USA

Lynn O'Donnell, PhD, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine, Director, Cell Therapy Laboratory
Ohio State University, James Cancer Hospital, USA

About the ESP Committee:
The ISCT Early Stage Professionals Committee is comprised of 20 members from across the globe who collaborate to develop and deliver educational content, networking opportunities and resources that promote the training and development of the next generation of cell and gene therapy leaders.

About CellCAN:
CellCAN is a pan-Canadian non-profit organization established in 2014 that is part of the Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence. Our mission is to improve the quality, safety and feasibility of cell and gene therapy in Canada through optimal manufacturing practices. CellCAN strives to fully exploit this potential by providing an unprecedented level of collaboration among all key players in the field of cell and gene therapy by bringing together Canada’s leading cell manufacturing centres and transversal cores (manufacturing product characterization, bioengineering, ethical and legal regulatory policy) into a common seal of quality for the benefit of Canadian patients. For more information, visit