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Beyond Blood - Supporting Cell Therapies From The Bottom Up (Global Showcase Presentation Hosted By Australian Red Cross Blood Service)
Thursday, May 30, 2019 12:30 PM - 12:45 PM 
ISCT Global Showcase Lounge (Exhibit Hall)
Shane Winzar , Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Australia
Augustin Raj , Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Australia

The Blood service has for many decades provided key support services to Australia’s Cell Therapy, Precision Medicine and Regenerative Medicine industries, from public based research through to fully scaled commercial endeavors.
Our services and capabilities include provision of research grade blood components, set up of quality systems, Therapeutic Good licensing consultancy, screening of autologous and allogeneic donors, for HLA typing using Next Gen sequencing and other world class platforms. Additionally, we assist cGMP collections for provision of cell therapy based clinical trials.
The Blood Service is involved in collaborative R&D in CAR-T clinical trials and provides services direct to other clients to assist them in bringing their products to provide a greater contribution to healthcare for all Australians.

Augustin Raj BSc
Customer Relationships Manager (National Office) Business Growth and Innovation
Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Shane Winzar BSc
Healthcare Business Manager
Australian Red Cross Blood Service