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HPL Pathogen Reduction Treatment and Risk Assessment (Global Showcase Presentation Hosted By AventaCell Biomedical)
Thursday, May 30, 2019 01:00 PM - 01:15 PM 
ISCT Global Showcase Lounge (Exhibit Hall)
William Milligan, VP Business Development, AventaCell Biomedical Corp.; Chair, ISCT Business Models and Investment; Committee Member, ISCT-AABB Joint Working Group on Human Platelet Lysate, Canada

There is an increasing acceptance of replacing FBS with human platelet lysate as a serum-free supplement for growing cells. Human platelet lysate has proven to be a cost-effective cell culture alternative which provides greater yields of high quality cells when compared to FBS and serum-free mediums. Many clinical trials are being conducted using MSC, fibroblasts, dendritic cells and other cells grown in human platelet lysate. However, as the platelets are collected from allogeneic donors, there are concerns about the potential risk of transmitting pathogens. This session will review a current summary of pathogen reduction treatment (PRT) options for human platelet lysates with a focus on gamma irradiation and the resulting assessment of risk for pathogen transmission.

Bill Milligan BSc
Aventacell Biomedical Corp. Ltd.