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Industrializing Cell and Gene Therapy: Upstream Technologies (Global Showcase Presentation Hosted By Pall)
Thursday, May 30, 2019 03:15 PM - 03:30 PM 
ISCT Global Showcase Lounge (Exhibit Hall)
Seunghoon Choe, BSc., Meng. , Bioprocess Applications Specialist, Pall Biotech, South Korea

As cell and gene therapy develops more and more, there is a great need to scale up the process to produce as many cells and viruses as possible. Current 2D flatware (Roller, Cell Factories etc.) have limitation for this: huge footprint, many aseptic manipulations, many operators, and no real automation nor control. Therefore, alternatives must be found, keeping cost control and ensuring a fast scale up to hit the market quickly.

Pall has multiple technology solutions for upstream cell manufacturing, going over single-use Stirred tank bioreactors that support virus production from suspension cell culture, and adherent cell culture solutions, including multistacked bioreactors, fixed-bed bioreactors, and microcarriers. The focus for this presentation is to give a general introduction of these bioreactors from PALL and how these can be the solutions to your manufacturing and production constraints.

Seunghoon Choe MEng|BSc
Bioprocess Applications Specialist
Pall Biotech