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Rediscovering PeopleSoft Health & Safety
Wednesday, August 18, 2021 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM 
220 South Tower
PeopleSoft HCM
Business Use Case, Demonstration
HCM Foundation
The PeopleSoft Health & Safety functionality has existed in PeopleSoft HCM for a long time. With COVID-19 and the general heightened awareness of safety at the workplace, this functionality has gained new relevance and has seen some recent significant enhancements. Join us to see what's old, what's new and how you can use what you have had for years to help keep your workplace safe as employees return-to-work post-COVID. Show your employees their safety is a priority.

Objective 1: Demonstrate PeopleSoft Health & Safety functionality

Objective 2: Track Immunizations (COVID Vaccinations) use case

Objective 3: Review opportunities to enhance Health & Safety functionality utilizing PeopleSoft delivered frameworks

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Alan Hayes
Senior PeopleSoft HCM Consultant
Newbury Enterprise Services